8 Qualities Of A Truly Great Boss


"There’s nothing worse than working for a bad boss." 

The opening sentence of this paragraph alone is immediately relatable. Who hasn't had their run-in with a boss that was difficult to work for? Managing a team was a big adjustment for me, and it has definitely made me acutely aware of my leadership flaws. I'm sure my team can attest that I am still a work in progress! Here are a few take-aways from this morning's read on The Zoe Report.

Here's to getting better every day!


They Recognize Their Employees' Achievements

This one is obvious, but there are caveats—recognition is best when it happens right away. The longer a manager waits to applaud his or her employees for an accomplishment, the less it matters. Additionally, it's important that employees be recognized in an authentic way. Rather than a monthly award, for example, a good manager recognizes achievements in a specific way that feels genuine.

They're Sensitive

Sensitivity may have gotten a bad rap in the workplace, but a manager who treats you like a machine as opposed to a human is just plain awful. Well-liked managers understand their employees have complicated lives. In turn, they are attuned to their employees' moods, so they can sense when there's a dip in morale or when someone is unhappy with a particular scenario in which they've been placed.

They Shield Their Employees

At one point or another, we all have bosses who throw us under the bus when things go wrong. Good managers don't do this—instead, they assume the blame and then work with those who report to them to correct the issue.

They Don't Micromanage

We can all agree being micromanaged is the worst. A good boss trusts his or her team to do their work without needing to be privy to every step in the process or weigh in on minutiae.

by Erin Nicole on The Zoe Report. Read the full article here.