Lost and Found Cat


I wanted to take a moment to communicate my gratitude for the kind words, support, and encouragement I've received from so many people in regards to my side-hustle. I'm on month three of this little business, and it has been overwhelming to have so many people reach out, or even recommend me to their friends. Each of the projects I have been a part of this year have been so special, and I have been so proud to work on them!

I don't like to pick favorites, but I do want to highlight one project that is pretty close. I had the pleasure of working with Amy Shrodes for the book she co-authored: Lost and Found Cat. Amy was someone I met while I volunteered with the Central Humane Society in Oklahoma City. Her passion for animals was apparent in my first conversation with her. I also admired how driven and motivated she was, given what a big job she was juggling as the Director of Marketing & Development. I kept in touch with her through Facebook mostly, and saw through social media that she had decided to leave the Humane Society and travel to Greece. The next thing I knew, this picture came across my newsfeed:

This photo was the headliner on one of the refugee crisis stories from The Guardian. Needless to say, I was shocked, but I actually wasn't surprised. Amy is not a person to stand idly by others do the work. No, she is someone who not only rolls up their sleeves, but also dives in head-first (pun intended). 

The story doesn't end there. Being the animal lover she is, Amy came across a the cat that one of the refugee families had lost. Along with her friend and humanitarian response professional Ashley Anderson, as well as photographer Doug Kuntz, Amy made sure the cat was safely reunited with his family. Grab the tissue box, folks, the video below is a tear-jerker. 

Amy Shrodes is a rock star with a compass for what is good and kind. And guess what -- goodness spreads more goodness. Amy and Doug were approached from Random House Publishing to write a book based on this experience, and on what it means to be a refugee. The book, not surprisingly, has been a smash hit. ReadBrightly.com says:

This moving true story will inspire discussions with young readers about what it means to be a refugee, the unexpected consequences of being displaced, and the importance of kindness.

I hope you are as moved and humbled by this story as I was. All it takes is one person, friends! One person, one small act, one gesture of kindness. We are all given tools to live out a purpose, and that purpose starts where we are currently planted. Can you imagine growing up in an area of war, being displaced from your home, on the run, and thinking no one cares in the whole world. One person actually did care.Amy did what she thought was right, and that will not soon be forgotten by Kunkush the cat's family. If that doesn't motivate you, I don't know what will!

Now go out, be kind, and order a copy of Lost and Found Cat today!